Camille Bertault scats to Coltane, Parker

John Coltrane
Charlie Parker

Monsieur Pas de Merde is looking forward to Camille Bertault’s visit to Boston this January

Camille became an international sensation when her youtube video of her singing Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” went viral.  Then François Zalacain, head of American label Sunnyside, introduced her to Michael Leonhart and Dan Tepfer. Michael, a trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist would produce her new album while Dan would accompany her on piano. “They’re both French-speaking and interested in the text,” enthuses Camille Bertault, who doesn’t want to make albums where the voice just serves as an instrument. She likes lyrics to hold the limelight.

“Camille Bertault is a force of nature the music world has to reckon with.” – ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“The new voice of Jazz” – VANITY FAIR 


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