Camille Hardouin, la demoiselle reconnue

Récemment passée par The Voice, cette artiste à la sensibilité exacerbée a vu sa carrière décoller grâce au Grand Zebrock, concours donnant sa chance aux jeunes talents musicaux en Seine-Saint-Denis. 

Recently performed by The Voice, this artist with exacerbated sensitivity has seen his career take off thanks to the Grand Zebrock, contest giving a chance to young musical talents in Seine-Saint-Denis. Portrait.

To present herself this year on the show The Voice, she chose “Do not leave me”, the Grand Jacques. “Because it’s about love and it’s a song in attention to words. “ Two characteristics that define good Camille Hardouin, artist on edge. On her album “Mille bouches”, released in 2017, the young woman of 33 years in fact conjugates love to the imperfect or more-than-perfect, in a style sometimes sincere sometimes funny. “I have lots of little fish in my stomach and in my head. For me, writing or singing means sharing an inner landscape “, she comments, at the Bistrot littéraire des Cascades, in the twentieth, there is also a bar that suits her, so much to listen to Camille Hardouin, is to listen to a cascade of words that flow with their own rhythms.

A style of “story teller”, to quote the words of the juror Julien Clerc at the time of his elimination – all fresh – from The Voice, a TV-hook media that had come to get the young woman to participate in his eighth season. “Obviously there is a bit of disappointment, but we must recognize that it was not my usual playground ,  said one who is more used to intimate scenes than major media shows. “I’m glad I did it because I was able to test a lot of things that made me want to be covers or experience the TV format. And at the same time, I am relieved, because I can now return to my old cooking pots and my little witches , “says the one who ” simmers “slowly but surely a second album.

Doubtless Camille Hardouin also thinks that one can not win every time: in 2011, she had indeed pierced thanks to the Grand Zebrock, a musical springboard organized since 1990 in Seine-Saint-Denis. A title of laureate, two scenic experiences in reward, the Leather Goods and the Feast of Huma, and especially a real arrival at artistic maturity. 
The young woman born in Le Touquet then mounted in Paris had knocked on the door of this musical contest made in Seine-Saint-Denis to try the artistic adventure by inner necessity and did not regret it. “I have a lot of gratitude for the Grand Zebrock. At the time, I was like a kind of Sleeping Beauty that the Grand Zebrock would have woken up. In fact, they are the first to help me make my obsession a job. “, remembers Camille Hardouin.

The Seine-Saint-Denis, she continues to cross regularly in his concerts: a participation in the festival MAAD 93 and soon an invitation to the Pension Thénardier in Montreuil (June 6). “I like the hyper-dynamic side of the department, it’s often an opportunity to discover things a little more underground than in Paris,” she says in his tone both jovial and fragile.

In its early days, the one that quotes Brigitte Fontaine or the Mexican-American singer Lhasa among her references had embarked on the adventure under the name of the “unknown young lady”. A nickname she owes to a concert of Devenda Banhart in which the young aspiring musician was on stage at the invitation of the artist, who was looking for a spectator to play a piece of impromptu. “Subsequently, reports from this concert mentioned me as” the unknown lady “on stage, and I found it poetic. It was like a hiding place, so I kept that name, “she explains.

The butterfly will come out of his chrysalis only during a first big festival, the site of the Franco-folies of La Rochelle, to continue then flutter under his real name. In the meantime, “Si demain,” a melancholy ode to one-night relations, “It does not please me,” an Anaïs-style inner monologue or “Big Dip,” a vengeful song about street harassment, have become classics. of his repertoire. By the way, would Camille Hardouin define herself as a feminist artist?” Yes still. Well, a song is not a message so my commitment will not be reflected in each of my lyrics. But still: in 2019, we can hope that everyone is feminist. But for me, it goes beyond, insofar as if we dig a little, we often realize that being a feminist unfortunately does not prevent being racist or transphobic. “ Remarked one who sees in the movement” Me too “a ” true liberation of the word “ .

And now ? Several clues suggest that the Hardouin butterfly will still take on more beautiful colors: its blue or green locks have recently given way to a Jean Seberg short cut and a very autobiographical comic strip, “Rouge Zombie”, is in approach. Because yes, when the words have no more or are blunted, the girl also draws … “In fact, when I want to transmit something, I’m always looking for the most suitable media to say,” says this talented touch-to -all. “It’s a comic book I wrote the script 8 years ago and that speaks of a moment in my life where I was there without being there. It’s the story of a little vegetarian zombie, the story of a quest for identity … “ We can be sure that she will be sincere and spontaneous, like her author.

View without english translation at: Camille Hardouin, la demoiselle reconnue

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