Girl’s Paris note gets reply from Louvre

An eight-year-old girl who sent a letter addressed simply to “somewhere in Paris, any house” has received a reply from the Louvre Museum.

Iris Corbett, from West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, wrote the note as she wanted to find out about the French capital.
She asked about about food, the Eiffel Tower and what the city was like after France’s Euro 2016 final loss.

The Louvre responded with answers to all her questions.
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The letter comes in a week when a similarly vaguely-addressed Christmas card found its way to the intended recipient in Suffolk.
Iris got the idea for her letter having seen her brother let go of a balloon and thinking it might end up in China.
Iris’s mother, Helena Tyce, said she was really pleased her daughter’s note received a reply.

She said: “Kids have these fantastic, creative ideas; you follow them through and nothing happens.

“I didn’t expect anything back, I really didn’t, we were so surprised and thrilled.”

The family are now planning “an adventure” on the Eurostar to visit Paris during the next school holidays.

Source: West Bridgford girl’s Paris note gets reply from Louvre – BBC News

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