Paris Jazz Festival at Parc Floral

What a great time we had at beautiful Park Floral in Paris, attending this weekend’s installment of the ongoing summer Paris Jazz Festival. Linda and I sat in amazement listening to Renaud Garcia-Fons on 5 string bass and David Peña Dorantes on piano.

The collaborative “Mar y Rayo” was performed beautifully to close the evening. Below hear the song on YouTube and a portion of the excitement captured by my iPhone.

Parc Floral, Paris
Parc Floral, Paris

Paris Parc Floral was nearly as wonderful an experience as the music. The park is part of the Bois de Vincennes. There’s beautiful walking paths, gardens, and of course the shaded outdoor concert stage, the Delta, which faces a lake. I may well have been sitting in the same grounds where Napolean Bonaparte trained his soldiers. I hope I was sitting in the same spot where someone deserted!

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