The Wati Watia Zorey Band on SessionLive

By Lawrence Aloir

We receive the Wati Watia Zorey Band for the release of thier second abum Déliryom  mixed by Jean Lamoot.

This collective is the result of the meeting between  Moriarty  and  Marjolaine Karlin , following their many trips to the island of Reunion. They were joined by two musicians from new horizons. Everyone was passionate about this language and its musicality. Their mutual friends are Christine Salem and Danyèl Waro.

Busy with their various respective projects, they took the time to refine their tribute: 11 titles and a long infusion in the poetic and rebellious language of Alain Péters  (monument of Reunionese music, a local idol, and what is more, the rhythms of the Indian Ocean are reputed to be unplayable, incomprehensible to non-locals.

It took several people to continue the dialogues started by Alain Peters, we are six: 2 singers and 4 instrumentalists, to retrace the descent of an angel into Hell.

Titles performed at the Grand studio

My Pea is on fire Live RFI

Rèt’pri , from the album Deliryom

Evariste Siyèd’lon (René Geoffroy-Kan’nida) Live RFI see the clip

Basket on the head, nor sung (Alain Peters) Live RFI see the clip .

Musicians: Rosemary Standley , vocals;  Marjolaine Karlin , vocals;  Jennifer Hutt, violin; Chadi Chouman , guitar; Salvador Douezy , percussion; Gérald Chevillon , bass sax.

Sound: Benoît Letirant & Fabien Mugneret.

Translated from rfi-France: Thomas de Pourquery (interview) and Wati Watia Zorey Band (#SessionLive) – World music