The 5 albums to listen this week

The audacious Angèle has just unveiled her very first album, Brol . The lyrics are simple, sometimes naive, but the music is popular and shows a great melodic finesse, the kind that has no trouble staying in mind. In 12 titles, Angèle poetize love, addressing the theme of jealousy but also disappointments or hopes in love with Your Queen and The morning . Very active on social networks, whether to share her music or promote her upcoming releases, the singer of just 22 years has also made it one of the themes of this first album. In La Thune or Victim of Networks, she denounces the obsession of a society that spends its time to look behind a screen.And if in titles like La Flemme she speaks more lightly and simply of the desire to remain alone under her quilt, in Balance ton what  Angela sings much more committed lyrics, see feminist, to respond to the criticisms she faces [ . . . ]

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